Wavelet Compression Techniques for Computer Network Measurements

K.G. Kyriakopoulos and D.J. Parish (UK)


Wavelets, thresholds, compression, computer networks, measurements


Wavelet transform is a recent signal analysis tool that is already been successfully used in image, video and speech compression applications. This paper looks at the Wavelet transform as a method of compressing computer network measurements produced from high-speed networks. Such networks produce a large amount of information over a long period of time, requiring compression for archiving. An important aspect of the compression is to maintain the quality in important features of signals. In this paper two known wavelet coefficient threshold selection techniques are examined and utilized separately along with an efficient method for storing wavelet coefficients. Experimental results are obtained to compare the behaviour of the two threshold selection schemes on delay and data rate signals, by using the mean square error (MSE) statistic, PSNR and the file size of the compressed output.

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