Joint 3-D Dynamic Resolution Conversion with Rate-Distortion for Video Coding

L.-J. Wang (Taiwan)


MPEG-4, resolution conversion, rate-distortion, video coding


The dynamic resolution conversion (DRC) method is already part of the MPEG-4 standard. In this paper, it is shown that a new three-dimensional (3-D) DRC method can be used with the MPEG-4 standard to improve the MPEG-4 DRC for low bit-rate video coding. In addition, the proposed 3-D DRC method substantially reduces the complexity of computation and the needed memory requirements. Furthermore, a novel optimal algorithm is utilized to solve the rate-distortion problem that joints the 3-D DRC method and quantization parameter for video coding. Experimental result shows that the proposed MPEG-4 with 3-D DRC method obtains a better subjective quality and an objective PSNR of the reconstructed frame than the standard MPEG-4 and the MPEG-4 DRC algorithm.

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