A Laser Range Imaging System for Verifying the Identity and Integrity of Closure Welds

A. Busboom and V. Sequeira (Italy)


3D and range data analysis, laser scanning, weld authenti cation.


A system for verifying the identity and integrity of clo sure welds on metal containers for security applications is proposed. The system uses laser range imaging and is based on the assumption that each weld has a unique three– dimensional structure which cannot be copied or forged. Therefore by authenticating the closure weld, the metal container can be uniquely identified, and it can be detected whether the closure weld has been tampered with. In the proposed system, a range image of the weld is acquired using a laser line scanner which the weld is swept by. The range image is cleaned up in several pre–processing steps, eliminating the need for any calibration and making the system highly tolerant to mechanical alignment errors. Several feature functions are extracted along the weld. The authentication is based on a dissimilarity measure between the feature functions of an authentication scan and a previ ously acquired and archived reference scan.

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