Fast Rendering of Leaves

C. Rebollo, J. Gumbau, O. Ripolles, M. Chover, and I. Remolar (Spain)


Realtime rendering, level of detail, natural phenomena


One of the main problems of rendering outdoor scenes in real time is the representation of trees and plants. The mod eling tools for vegetal species generate polygonal models with such a great geometric complexity that they need effi cient techniques for achieving an interactive visualization. In this article we present a LOD model based on the ge ometric representation of leaves that eliminates bus traffic when changing the level of detail and enables instancing as many trees as desired. This model allows for a highly realistic visualization, skeletal animations for wind effects and also the use of traditional illumination techniques for polygonal models. The proposed representation permits to adapt automatically and in a continuous manner the level of detail, obtaining view-dependent resolutions. The ba sic idea consists in initially uploading to the GPU the ver tices of the high resolution model and obtaining the desired approximation by rendering the appropriate vertices. This model improves the spatial cost and the rendering speed of any previous model based on the geometric representation of leaves. With respect to the models based on images, our solution offers a higher visual quality and also the possibil ity of including animations.

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