Security Architecture for Process Management in Heterogeneous Data Warehouse Environments

G.A. Santana Torrellas (Mexico)


Process Management, Data Warehouse, SecurityArchitecture


In this paper, we propose communication architecture for the dynamic exchange of security information and security knowledge. This paper addresses issues related to Security Management in the context of heterogeneous data warehouse environments. The traditional notion of data warehouse is evolving into a federated warehouse augmented by a Security repository, together with a set of processes and services to support enterprise security creation, refinement, indexing, dissemination and evolution. The focus of this paper is dynamic knowledge exchange among SAMARA agents. We have introduced a framework in which SAMARA agents can exchange knowledge in a dynamic environment. The coordinator agent together with decision enabling warehouse acting as a dynamic knowledge-based security platform plus direct intercommunication among the agents enable the transfer of facts, commands, and rules among SAMARA agents. Knowledge can be exchanged among the agents by using combination of facts, rules and commands transfers. We believe that dynamic knowledge exchange is an important feature for any application in which unanticipated conditions or events occur. Using the proposed dynamic knowledge exchange capability, co-operative problem solving sessions can be initiated where each agent can security status its problem relevant knowledge with other agents to solve the problem. An obvious advantage of this capability is the elimination of redundant knowledge and hence the improved utilisation of the system memory capacity.

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