Addressing Separation of Concerns in Software Engineering Environments

E.Y. Nakagawa, A. da Silva Simão, and J.C. Maldonado (Brazil)


Software engineering environment, software engineeringtool, software architecture, reference architecture, separation of concerns


Software engineering tools and environments have play an essential role to improve the quality and productivity of the software processes and products. However, most tools and environments have been closed isolated, presenting spe cific architectures and structures and, consequently, mak ing difficult their integration. Reference models have been proposed for SEEs (Software Engineering Environments); however, they have not contributed to develop and integrate tools and environments in practice. In spite of the effort of many researchers in this direction, there are not mecha nisms that contribute and facilitate the cooperative and in cremental development of evolutive SEEs yet. In order to address this problem, we propose a new architectural or ganization to SEEs and establish a reference architecture, named RefASSET (Reference Architecture for Software Engineering Tools). RefASSET encompasses a new sepa ration of concerns based on ISO/IEC 12207 and introduces the use of frameworks and aspect-oriented development to build and evolve these environments. RefASSET has firstly been applied in software testing domain and a testing tool and related tools are under development for that domain.

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