Integrating Testability into the Development Process of Reactive Systems

H.V. Do, M. Delaunay, and C. Robach (France)


Testability, Testable development, Reactive systems, Data flow design.


In this paper, we present our approach to analyze the testa bility of data-flow designs of reactive systems. We use the SATAN technology which is based on the information the ory to model the information transfer in the system. We extend this technology with: a common formalism to rep resent data-flow designs produced from different CASE tools; a flattening mechanism to allow a flexible analysis of testability. We also improve the testability analysis by introducing: a statistical evaluation of information loss co efficient of operators, and a cyclic analysis that takes into account the recurring behavior of reactive systems. Our approach was integrated into a tool allowing an automatic analysis of testability of graphical data-flow designs of re active systems.

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