Systematic Approach for using the Classification Tree Method for Testing Complex Software-Systems

S. Alekseev, R. Tiede, and P. Tollkühn (Germany)


Requirements Specifications, Design Tools and Techniques, Software Testing


The contribution of this paper is a modified classification tree approach for supporting the test case design of complex software systems. The Classification-Tree Method is known a long time, but only a small number of test case design techniques based on this method are used in the industrial world. The reason for this lies in the fact that the set of classifications and classes derived from documentations is very large. The test case suite generated from such classification-tree consists of a huge amount of tests, which must be reduced by applying dependency rules or by manual reduction. All this makes the handling of classification-tree models in practice very difficult and brings down the acceptance of this method. This paper describes the adaptation of this method for handling of complex software projects and deals with results and experience from real software projects at Siemens Communications Mobile Networks Charging and Care.

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