IR-Case Tool

J. Ferreira, A. Silva, and J. Delgado (Portugal)


UML, MDA, Retrieval Information, Case Tool.


We propose a new approach based on a methodology assisted by a IR-Case tool for the creation of IR (Information Retrieval) systems inspired on a set of best practices or principles: it is based on high-level models or specifications; it is component-based architecture centric; it is based on generative programming techniques. This approach follows in essence the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) philosophy with some specific characteristics. We propose a repository that keeps related information, such as models, applications, software architectures, generated artifacts and even information concerning the software process itself (e.g., generation steps, tests and integration milestones). Generically, this methodology receives system requirements (e.g., functional, non-functional and development requirements) as its main input, and produces a set of artifacts (e.g., source code, configuration scripts or data scripts) as its main output, that will be linked in the IR Case tool proposed, generating the IR-System. These aspects are implemented in a tool (IR-Case tool), providing a roadmap where designers can follow as well as model-to-model transformation templates in order to accelerate their system development tasks. This step facilitates the construction and consequently will contribute for the personalized IR-Systems and also a test platform for IR-Algorithms and IR-Process.

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