Applying MAS-CommonKADS Methodology in Knowledge Management Problem in Call Centers

F. Peyravi and F. Taghyareh (Iran)


MAS-CommonKADS, Multi-agent System, Call Center, Knowledge Management,


In recent years, call centers have gained popularity as cost-effective avenues for selling and servicing customers and the primary way of interacting with them. By applying knowledge management solution, we can meet call centers’ challenges and gain benefits of reduced training costs, improved call handling and greater flexibility. This paper describes a solution to agent mediated knowledge management system in call centers using MAS-CommonKADS methodology. We presented all models required for developing the multi agent system. Applying multi-agent approach to knowledge management can cope with features such as distribute nature of knowledge, high changing environment, flexibility and openness. We have found the application of MAS-CommonKADS useful for agent mediated knowledge management applications.

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