Improving Requirements Engineering from the Client's Perspective in the Health Care Domain

I. Minkkinen and A. Eerola (Finland)


Requirements, client, viewpoint, ISD, and Activity Theory


Information System Development (ISD) is the process where software providers are assumed to meet their clients to create a basis for software in the Requirements Engineering (RE) phase. RE is widely studied and documented from the software providers’ viewpoint. In this paper, the client’s viewpoint is explored through eight pilot projects in the health care domain. Client involvement, participants and their RE concerns are examined. The main finding is that, in practice, the software providers and their clients have separate ISD processes with different rationales of Requirements Specification (RS). Thus, specifications are made twice, and software is not based on actual clients’ RS. To ensure that (ready-made or tailored) software is applicable and has a positive impact on the work, requirements have to be based on the work. This requires a holistic model of work and the participation of several professionals and end users.

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