LOWCOST: Local Organization Search with Consolidated Ontologies for Name, Space and Time

C. Snae and M. Brueckner (Thailand)


Ontologies, dynamic searching, name matching, semantic web, information system integration.


Local organizations use more and more the Internet as a form of presenting and delivering services and products. In order to find local operating organisations worldwide one has to use suitable information system integration. In this paper we present a searching system for local organi zations which uses onomastic, spatial as well as temporal ontological components, called LOWCOST (Local Or ganization Search With Consolidated Ontologies for name, Space, and Time). The use of the different onotolo gies for the benefit of the searching process is shown. As names of organizations can be used in many different al ternatives as well as in different writing systems LOWCOST comprises a name matching part which leads to a better matching of names in different variations. This will help implementing integrated search tools for the se mantic web environment.

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