Discussion of Issues and Recommendations in Running One Semester Major Development Project for Postgraduate Courses

J. Kumar (Australia)


Education, Software Engineering, Projects, Experience


This paper discusses issues which arise when running a one semester Major Development Project (MDP) for postgraduates, and it identifies the industry relevant benefits gained by the students. In addition, it recommends solutions to the problems identified. Literature suggests that studies are undertaken to improve/enhance software engineering group projects for undergraduate courses. However, research indicates that limited studies are reported in major development projects offered to postgraduate courses. Major development project undertaken by a single student is not only a software development project but also focuses on applying Software Engineering practices. The main aim of this project is to prepare students for industry relevant development practices which they come across during their employment. MDP is equivalent to three units. To improve its delivery quality it requires full dedication and involvement from the student. In addition weekly supervision, consultations and feedback from academic lecturers should be provided.

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