Designing an Automated Staff and Organization Performance Appraisal System: A Web-based Approach

L. Ab Rahim, A.I.Z. Abidin, and A.R. Shazi (Malaysia)


Model-View-Controller, Three-tier architecture, JSP, Key Performance Indicator, Key Success Indicator, MySQL


Key Performance Indicator is a method adopted by an organization to measure the performance of the organization and its staff. Automated Performance Review and Information System (A-PRAISe) is a web application which was developed using Java and JSP for the purpose of monitoring staff performance for Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). The paper explains how the developer designed and implemented the application by combining the generic three-tier logical architecture with the Model-View-Controller architecture and Command Design Pattern. Then, the paper proposes two design improvements for the system and ends with the conclusion of all the works that had been done.

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