A P2P Information Monitoring System Supporting Conjunctive Continual Queries

K. Maruyama, S. Tagashira, and S. Fujita (Japan)


P2P, information monitoring, continual query.


In this paper, we propose a P2P information monitoring system to support the processing of conjunctive queries. The proposed system is an extension of PeerCQ, and our main contribution in this paper is the following three points: 1) we provide a detailed speciļ¬cation of Conjunc tive Continual Queries (CCQs) that is an agent to check the satisfaction of a given conjunction, 2) we propose a map ping of CCQs to peers by considering the similarity of the referred data items, and 3) we improve the utility function used in PeerCQ in such a way that the trade-off between the load of each peer and the overall load of the system can be explicitly controlled. The effect of the proposed method is evaluated by simulation. The result of simulation indicates that the proposed utility functions certainly improves the performance of the resultant scheme, and the trade-off can be controlled by tuning a parameter in the utility function.

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