A Thread Partitioning Technique for Multithreaded Execution along Hot Paths

K. Ootsu, T. Kobayashi, T. Yokota, and T. Baba (Japan)


multithread, thread partitioning, hot path, SPEC CINT95


We have developed a software system that can translate a sequential binary code to the multithreaded one at the bi nary code level. This system parallelizes frequently exe cuted loops within programs to improve the performance by exploiting loop-level parallelism. However, many loops within integer application programs are hard to be paral lelized because of their complex program structures, and it is dif´Čücult to attain speed-up by exploiting loop-level parallelism. Therefore, another parallelization technique is required for performance improvement of these pro grams. Supposing the parallel execution along a control path of program, this paper proposes a thread partitioning technique, that creates threads without dependent data be tween other thread, and that allows multithreaded execu tion along hot paths (frequently executed paths). We apply the proposed technique to several program codes of SPEC CINT95 benchmark, and evaluate the performance by sim ulation. The evaluation result shows that the proposed tech nique can improve the performance of integer application program, whose performane cannot be improved by ex ploiting loop-level parallelism.

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