Modeling Contention of Giga-Updates Per Second (GUPs) in Three Parallel Programming Paradigms

A. Sameh, T. El-Ghazawi, and Y. Yacoov (USA)


LoPC, LogP, LogPG, MPI, OpenMP, DSM, and Queuing Model


In this paper we make use of the LoPC model, which is inspired by both the LogP/PG and BSP models but accounts for contention for message processing resources in parallel programming models to derive a general estimate of execution cost. We carry out this cost estimate analysis for three dominate programming models: message passing, shared memory and distributed shared memory. We analyze a typical application; GUPs written in these programming models that have irregular receiver-initiated synchronous communication. The LoPC estimate for this application is shown to be accurate when compared against measured values of runtime of actual empirical computations on an SGI O2000 multiprocessor machine.

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