Theory of Commercial Application Management System and Its Implementation – AMPS

C. Ren, D. Meng, D. Liu, and J. Zhan (PRC)


multi-tier; application management; utility; AMPS; commercial application;


Commercial applications are playing an important role in information society, requiring an effective and powerful management system to ensure availability and QoS of these applications. In this paper, a set of complete and systematic theory on managing commercial applications is presented, according to logical sequence: description, monitoring, analysis and maintenance. Then a system named AMPS (Application Management Platform Service) is designed and implemented correspondingly. Afterwards, the performance of the AMPS is evaluated in terms of a series of experiments. This work has three contributions: (i), research work aiming at managing commercial applications is carried out in terms of logical sequence: description, monitoring, analysis and maintenance, enlightening a new approach for management system; secondly (ii), how to effectively manage multi-tier commercial applications is under focus; and thirdly (iii), a general purpose application management platform service system AMPS is implemented based on our theory and evaluated through experiments.

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