Full-Speed Scalability of the pDomus Platform for DHTs

J. Rufino, A. Pina, A. Alves, J. Exposto, and R. Lopes (Portugal)


Cluster Computing, Distributed Hash Tables, Evaluation.


Domus is an architecture for Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) tailored to a shared-all cluster environment. Do mus DHTs build on a (dynamic) set of cluster nodes; each node may perform routing and/or storage tasks, for one or more DHTs, as a function of the node base (static) re sources and of its (dynamic) state. Domus DHTs also ben efit from a rich set of user-level attributes and operations. pDomus is a prototype of Domus that creates an environ ment where to evaluate the architecture concepts and fea tures. In this paper, we present a set of experiments con duced to obtain figures of merit on the scalability of a spe cific DHT operation, with several lookup methods and stor age technologies. The evaluation also involves a compari son with a database and a P2P-oriented DHT platform. The results are promising, and a motivation for further work.

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