Improvement of Data Transfer Reliability with Directed Diffusion in Wireless Sensor Networks

J.-W. Choi and K.-H. Lee (South Korea)


Wireless sensor networks, reliable, energy-efficient, and routing protocol


In this paper, we have presented a reliable data transfer mechanism using directed diffusion in WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks). This mechanism involves selecting a path with higher reachability and transferring data along the path chosen, which is based on the end-to-end reliability calculated by the dissemination procedure of Interest packets, while each node of a sensor network maintains only the information on its neighborhood. We performed various experiments changing the link error rates and the number of nodes and discovered that this proposed mechanism improves event-to-sink data transfer reliability in WSNs. We also found that this mechanism spreads evenly traffic load over the network and reduces energy consumption, which in turn prolongs network lifetime.

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