A Localized Broadcast Scheme for Minimizing Power Consumption in Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

T.L. Wong, T. Tsuchiya, and T. Kikuno (Japan)


ad hoc networks, broadcast, variable-range transmission, energy-efficient


In ad hoc networks, broadcasting is a primitive operation to support many applications and it is also an expensive pro cess in terms of power consumed. Preserving energy and ensuring a high delivery ratio of broadcast packets are cru cial tasks for broadcasting in ad hoc networks. This paper proposes a localized broadcast scheme for use in ad hoc networks using variable-range transmission power. Vary ing transmission range dynamically by individual broad cast relaying node contributes to the overall power savings and interference alleviation during communication. We an alyzed the performance of the proposed scheme and com pared it to one of the existing schemes that employ variable transmission power and other prevalent broadcast schemes based on common-range transmission power.

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