Self-Tuning Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems

P. Chalupa, V. Bobál, and J. Novák (Czech Republic)


Selftuning control, model predictive control, online identification, ARX model, exponential forgetting, adaptive directional forgetting.


This paper investigates usability of model predictive control (MPC) approach in the area of control of nonlinear systems. A self-tuning predictive controller is introduced and investigated. The controller integrates on line identification of an ARX model of a controlled system and a predictive control synthesis on base of the identified model. Various control requirements can be fulfilled by tuning controller’s parameters. Both simulation and real-time testing have been performed and are discussed in the paper. The simulation testing was performed in the MATLAB / Simulink environment while the real-time testing has been carried out by the control of nonlinear laboratory models.

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