PoCoDeR: Device Control by Pointing Gesture

P. Barth, M. Kellner, and T. Hanning (Germany)


HMI, Pointing gesture, EIB, remote control, contour graph


In this paper we describe PoCoDeR (POinting gestures to COntrol DEvices Remotely) a remote control system us ing pointing gestures to make the user’s life more com fortable. As gestures we define only pointing gestures per formed with a whole arm. All gestures are captured by two high-dynamic-range(HDR) cameras. As an interface to the devices we use the European Installation Bus. The scene is represented by a full 3D room model in which any device can be placed by extern measurement, a calibration plate or by a pointing gesture of the user himself. A calibrated stereo camera system is used to acquire 3D data as input for the scene. The motion is captured in both images of the stereo setup and stored in a moved contour graph of the full scene. From this contour graph we derive the gestures based on the context. Each detected pre-defined gesture de fines a “user’s wish” which is accomplished in respect to a context model. This is done to relieve the user of the hard decisions on how to achieve the best results for his wishes.

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