World News Finder: How we Cope WITHOUT the Semantic Web

L. Kallipolitis, V. Karpis, and I. Karali (Greece)


Semantic search, world news, ontology, metadata


The Semantic Web is an evolution of the current Web in which information is given well-defined meaning, enabling better computer-computer and human-computer cooperation. Thus, it can have great influence on various domains of information such as the domain of World News. However, much of this valuable information is stored in plain HTML files. In this paper, we describe World News Finder, a system which performs semantic search on the World News domain. The system is based on metadata files created for every single world news HTML web page. According to a user query, the system performs the search on these metadata files rather than keyword search. The system returns web pages that match the user query as well as pages that are relevant to a chosen one, using a set of heuristic rules that can be updated at any time. To achieve the above, we developed the World News Ontology and we used logic programming as the basic way of data representation, implemented using XML.

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