A Quantitative Judgement System based on an Association Mechanism for Natural Conversation with Computer

S. Tsuchiya, H. Watabe, and T. Kawaoka (Japan)


Concept Base, degree of association, knowledge base, unknown word processing, quantitative judgement system


In this paper, a method for realizing judgements relating to quantity is proposed as one type of common-sense judgement made by humans. Humans manipulate smooth communications by retrieving, understanding and judging quantitative characteristics from conversations consciously or unconsciously. Judging and understanding such quantitative expressions is an important element for realization of intellectual conversation. A calculation of the Degree of Association with difference attributes is proposed for an unknown word processing of a quantitative “size” judgement processing. A quantitative “weight” judgement processing is able to do flexible judgement with a combination 10 kinds of materials and results of a quantitative “size” judgement processing.

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