Task Planning for Intelligent Robot Manipulation

M. Prats, P. Sanz, and A.P. del Pobil (Spain)


Intelligent robot manipulation; task planning; grasp plan ning; grasp preshapes;


In this paper we present a robot that is able to perform ev eryday manipulation tasks in a home environment, such as opening doors and drawers, with a three-finger hand. Tak ing as input a spatial object model and the task to perform, the robot plans by finding a grasp suitable for the task and performing it. For this, we identify a set of hand preshapes and classify them according to the grasp wrench space they generate. Given a task, the robot selects the most suitable hand preshape and automatically plans a set of actions in order to reach the object and to perform the task, taking continuously into account the task forces. The concept of hand preshape is extended for the inclusion of a task frame, which is a concept from task planning, thus filling the gap between the grasp and the task.

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