DVD-Quality Video Transmission on Powerline Channel

M. Lee (Korea), Y. Lee, and H.A. Latchman (USA)


Home Networking, Powerline Communication (PLC), Quality of Service (QoS), Frame Size Modeling, MPEG 2, Gamma Function.


Powerline communication (PLC) has proven to be a reli able and inexpensive medium for high speed communica tion inside the home. However, multimedia applications such as DVD or HDTV place significantly higher band width demands with an increased interest in efficiently transmitting multimedia traffic with QoS guarantees on PLC. Multimedia traffic modeling is necessary in order to develop new protocols and applications because the suc cess of network simulation and application design depends on the accuracy of the traffic model. In this paper we use a two gamma function method to develop a model for DVD traffic which in turn will fa cilitate the design of new methods for admission control, bandwidth management and QoS in multimedia PLC net works. There were previous works for one gamma function modeling, but they are not flexible to fit the MPEG traffic model. Therefore, we propose a new model for MPEG-2 video traffic that allows the synthesis of DVD quality traf fic. We use a frame size modeling approach in which two gamma functions are used to model the cumulative distri bution function of frame size and a nonlinear least square algorithm is adopted to acquire optimal parameters. The proposed two gamma function can reduce the root mean square errors which are up to three times less than one gamma function. The overall result fits a variety of DVD traffic stream very closely.

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