Broadband Power Line Communications: Factors Influencing the Signal Propagations in the Low Voltage Channel

J. Anatory (Tanzania), N. Theethayi, R. Thottappillil (Sweden), M.M. Kissaka, and N.H. Mvungi (Tanzania)


Load impedance, broadband power line, transfer function, multipath, branched network, interconnections, low voltage channel, impulse response.


This paper presents the factors such as load impedance, line length and branches (distributed and concentrated) on the performance of a low voltage broadband power line communication (BPLC) channel. Emphasis is given to the power line networks that are used in Tanzania. Different investigation with regard to network load impedances, direct line length (from transmitter to receiver), branched line length and number of branches have been carried out. From the frequency response of the transfer function (ratio of the received and transmitted signal), it is seen that the position of notches and peaks in the magnitude are largely affected by the above said network configuration, which are observed in the time domain responses too. The observations presented in the paper could be helpful in suitable design of the PLC systems for a better data transfer and system performance.

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