Modal Analysis for Improving Voltage Stability Margin by Optimal Placement of Capacitors

H.L. Suresh and M.S. Raviprakasha (India)


Eigen values, Eigen vectors, participation factors, weak load bus and Voltage stability.


This paper pertains to the improvement of voltage stability margin of power systems using modal analysis through optimal placement of capacitors. The method computes a specified number of smallest Eigen values and the associated Eigenvectors of a reduced Jacobian matrix obtained from load flow analysis. System participation factors are determined for the eigenvectors corresponding to the critical modes. The method is particularly useful since all the possible outages such as load outage, line outage, etc. have also been considered during analysis. Such critically weak buses will have the lowest Eigen values. These weak buses are identified to determine the most suitable location for capacitor placement, which in term ensures an improved voltage stability margin.

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