"MINO” E-Learning System that Automatically Generates Conspicuous Content

R. Nakamura, A. Inoue, K.-I. Okada, and S. Ichimura (Japan)


E-learning, Video on Demand


We developed a system, called MINO, that can automatically edit lecture videos and supporting lecture material into single remote lectures that students can access via the Internet and watch on a personal computer. The remote lectures are displayed as two windows on a single screen: one displaying a video of the lecture and one displaying the lecture materials. The two windows are alternately enlarged and reduced depending on what is to be emphasized: when the lecturer is speaking, the video lecture window is enlarged; when the lecturer says words or phrases that appear in the lecture material, the window displaying the lecture material is enlarged and the word or phrase highlighted. We evaluated two remote lectures made from the same video and lecture materials: one made using MINO and one not. Students who watched both remote lectures found the remote lecture made with MINO to be more interesting.

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