Protecting Private Data in an Outsourcing Environment

Y. Zhang and R.J. Enbody (USA)


Privacy Protection, Data Distribution and Redistribution, Outsourcing, Workflow, Purpose, Obligation


Outsourcing, as a popular business model, helps enterprises cut operating costs, but at the same time it also puts the en terprise’s sensitive data in danger. How to ensure that pri vate data is safe when it is distributed across the enterprises in a outsourcing chain is a critical security issue. Based on the reality of wide usage of workflow in enterprises and the observation that the workflows specify the relationships and dependences as well as the flow of data among tasks, we propose a framework, which is built on top of work flow management s, to protect private data by executing the “right” workflow at runtime. By integrating support of pur pose and obligation into workflow management systems, the safety of the distribution and redistribution of private data will be ensured.

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