The Cost of Mobile Agent based Fault Tolerance Services

T. Park and D. Kim (Korea)


Fault-tolerance, mobile agents, mobile computing systems, check-pointing, rollback-recovery


Many fault-tolerance schemes have been proposed to build reliable mobile computing systems. One of them is the mobile agent based fault tolerance scheme. An advantage of the scheme based on the mobile agent is the autonomous, asynchronous and adaptive service in managing the recovery information for mobile hosts. One possible drawback of this scheme is the overhead incurred by mobile agents. Hence, in this paper, the actual overhead introduced by the mobile agents is measured and the cost is compared with that of the fault-tolerance service by the mobile support stations. For the performance evaluation, an experimental system has been built on top of the Agelets mobile agent system. In the experimental system, the mobile computing environment has been emulated by a set of agents and the mobile agent based fault tolerant services have been implemented.

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