Coverage in a Heterogeneous Sensor Network

M. Naznin and K.E. Nygard (USA)


Heterogeneous sensor network, coverage, path finding, Voronoi diagram, Delaunay triangulation.


Wireless sensor network field has drawn attraction of researchers for its diversified applications. Due to the ad hoc in nature of sensor network, conventional wireless network algorithms can not be applied directly. There are lot of problems which affect badly network performance and quality of service. Among these problems, lack of good coverage of network area is a major frustrating issue. Sensor network coverage issue becomes more complicated when there are different types of sensors exist in a same field. If the network nodes vary in their properties coverage problem becomes more complicated. In [9], the authors gave an upper and lower bound of coverage using Voronoi diagram. But they only considered a homogeneous network. Their solution becomes challenging for heterogeneous network. In our paper we give a solution to handle heterogeneous sensor network where sensors are not isotropic.

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