Mobile WiMAX Management Architecture and Mechanism

Y. Ha, W. Park, and S. An (Korea)


802.16e, WiMAX, WiBro, Network Management, and IP Network


Mobile WiMAX overcomes the limitations of the present wireless networks and accommodates the advantages of the system, and can ultimately provide the high speed wireless internet services with low lost at any time and in anyplace. Because Mobile WiMAX is very new technology, the research of Mobile WiMAX management is not studied and concerned deeply. But the management is very important, since Mobile WiMAX should be flexible and scalable to be integrated with current various networks and the operator of Mobile WiMAX requires accommodating advantages in the management respect. In this paper, we propose flexible, scalable and fault tolerant Mobile WiMAX management architecture. Next, we define open network node architecture to integrate with legacy networks. Lastly, the proposed autonomous deployment supports comfortable initialization. In conclusion, we show the flat architecture’s traffic load and CPU load thereby an Ultra45 server can cover 700 network nodes for the flat architecture.

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