Performance Evaluation Experiments over Ad Hoc Network Considering Multiple Level Behaviours

M. Okino, T. Kato, and S. Itoh (Japan)


Ad hoc Network, Wireless LAN, Multiple Level Behaviours. Multi-hop, TCP


Resulting from the recent development of wireless communication technologies, ad hoc networks are being studied actively. There are a lot of researches to use ad hoc networks on an actual network, but, as for the performance evaluation, most of them focus on simulation and mathematical approach. Although some studies report the performance evaluation of actual ad hoc networks, they focus on the constant bit rate type communications and do not consider multiple layer behaviours such as physical, media access and TCP. On the other hand, we have conducted the performance evaluation experiment of wireless LAN based ad hoc network, focusing on reliable data transfer, considering multiple level behaviours. We performed this experiment under the underground city environment, and evaluated the receive signal strength, as a physical level performance, the 802.11 retransmission, as a MAC level performance, and the TCP retransmission and congestion control, as a TCP level performance. The experiment examined a direct communication and a multi-hop communication using AODV. This paper describes the results of these experiments.

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