Improved Load Balancing Algorithms in DHT-based Dynamic P2P Systems

J.-W. Song and S.-B. Yang (Korea)


Peer to Peer Network Technologies for Management, DHT, Dynamic Environment, Load Balancing, Lifetime.


Load balancing for DHT (Distributed Hash Table)-based peer-to-peer (P2P) systems has been studied extensively. The DHT-scheme simply assigns each object to a speciļ¬c peer with a hash function. This could result in O(logN) load imbalance, where N is the number of peers in a sys tem. It is natural that a P2P system experiences frequent join and leave of both objects and peers. This dynamic characteristic may intensify load imbalance and, therefore, could increase the overhead for load balancing. In this paper, we propose two load balancing schemes, the ob ject lifetime-aware load balancing (OLLB) and the peer activity-aware load balancing (PALB) schemes. The OLLB scheme uses the predicted lifetimes of objects to deal with the trade-off between the load balancing and the load move ment. And the PALB scheme manages intelligently the virtual server operations to reduce the load unbalance oc curred by dynamic peer activities. The simulation results show that the proposed schemes improve the load balanc ing performance with less overhead in the dynamic envi ronment.

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