MPLS based Approach for Heterogeneous and Scalable Multicast in DiffServ

M. EL Hachimi (Canada), A. Abouaissa (France), and M. Bennani (Canada)


DiffServ, MPLS, Multicast, Scalability, Heterogeneous QoS.


The differentiated services (DiffServ) approach is a scal able way to provide QoS for theses applications. However, integrating native IP multicasting with differentiated ser vices IP network is a quite complex issue. First, the mul ticast state scalability problems arises since it is required that each router have to keep a forwarding state for each multicast tree passing through it. Therefore, the number of forwarding states grows with the number of multicast groups. Second, another main dif´Čüculty with IP multicast ing is handling heterogeneous QoS requirements within the same multicast group. In this paper, we propose a new ap proach in order to solve multicast scalability problem and to provide heterogeneous QoS to multicast groups using MPLS labels aggregation and dynamic DSCP. The com plexity of the algorithm used to forward packets using the proposed approach is reduced from O(M) to O(1) where M is the number of multicast sessions.

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