Suppression of Jamming in GPS Receivers using Subspace Projection Technique

M. Tavoosi Monfared and M. Yargholi (Iran)


GPS, Suppression of Jamming, SINR, Interference,Subspace Projection and Instantaneous Frequency (IF)


Different techniques are utilized to suppress the effect of Jamming in GPS1 receivers depending on the type of jammer and operational conditions. In this paper, we focus on Subspace Projection Technique for suppression of jamming in narrowband FM2 jammers. In this technique, the IF3 of the Jamming signal is estimated and the subspace vector that is orthogonal to jammer vector is generated. Projecting received signal on this subspace the effect of jammer would be cancelled. Overall performance will be improved if the number of sensors in the receiver antenna array increases. We proposed some modification for calculation of orthogonal subspace for two sensor array and applied it in the simulation. This modification was applied for three sensor array too. Simulations were performed by MATLAB and SINR4 in receiver output was calculated for different situations.

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