Hierarchical Traffic Grooming for IP over Multi-Granular Optical Networks

J. Sun and C. Hu (PRC)


Hierarchical traffic grooming, Multilayer network, IPover multi-granular optical network (IP/MG-OXC),Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), Opticalswitch cross-connect (OXC).


In the IP over multi-granular optical switch network (IP/MG-OXC), the network node is typically multilayer switch and capable of both IP layer grooming and wavelength grooming in a hierarchical manner. Resource provisioning in the multi-granular network paradigm is denoted as hierarchical grooming problem. In the paper, we proposed an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) model to formulate the problem. An iterative heuristic approach is proposed for solving the problem in large networks. Case study shows that IP/MG-OXC network is much more scalable and can significantly save the overall network cost as compared with IP over WDM network.

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