Feasibility Test of GMPLS based Unified Control Plane for Optical Quality Control and Optical Resource Management

A.S. Mohamad and S. Asano (Japan)


GMPLS, control plane, and optical quality control


For the realization of the all-optical network in the future, there are several key technologies and challenges that have to be considered. Challenges on control plane technology involved in the delivery of Generalized Multi Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS). GMPLS is a promising candidate for a unified optical control plane technology. But, the real implementations of an optical control plane are still not clear. So, the best way to resolve tactical implementations concerns of GMPLS based optical control plane is to conduct feasibility test. This paper describes the feasibility test of GMPLS based all-optical network for scalable network. We focused on GMPLS based optical quality control and GMPLS based optical resource management. We deployed GMPLS peer model and evaluate the effective use of optical unified control plane in order to realize optical quality control of label path and dynamic optical resource management for traffic engineering. In the feasibility test, we evaluate limitations of current equipment and we finally prove the possibility of GMPLS based control plane to be used in next generation networks.

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