Adaptive Personal Service Environment Management System

M. Sihvonen, T. Räty, and P. Räsänen (Finland)


Mobile communication, Personal Service Environment,resource management.


The Active Service Environment Management system (ASEMA) aims to fulfil the promise of “right contents at the right time” in heterogeneous service environment to end users. Research problem of the paper is to analyse how the right content could be delivered at the right time to nomadic user in wireless communication environment. The right contents in this case mean contents requested by the user in a format that can be utilised by end user’s client device or devices. The right time means the moment when contents have meaning to the end user. The research is based on a constructive method by analyzing the related publications and industry trends and experimentation with the selected technologies by implementing the ASEMA system prototype. The ASEMA fulfils its promise by offering a system for dynamic profile negotiation, active quality of service management and enhanced massive data management in a wireless communication environment.

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