Innovative Server-based Multicast VoIP Teleconference System

T.-K. Chua and D.C. Pheanis (USA)


VoIP, QoS, teleconference system, IP Multicast, bandwidth conservation, business telephone system.


Teleconferencing, an essential feature in any commer cial telephone system, increases productivity while reduc ing travel costs and saving travel time. A teleconference al lows colleagues to conduct a virtual meeting without trav eling to a common location. However, a large-scale VoIP teleconference consumes a substantial amount of network bandwidth, and a drastic reduction in available network bandwidth could severely impact the QoS of everything on the network. In a VoIP teleconference system, the designers face not only the common VoIP challenges but also the signifi cant challenge of providing a teleconference feature that can support a large-scale teleconference without using ex cessive bandwidth. This paper presents an innovative, bandwidth-efficient way of implementing a real-time VoIP teleconference system. This new method provides all of the features that existing teleconference systems provide, but this new approach consumes considerably less data band width than existing systems require. The new system al lows a network with a given capacity to accommodate al most double the number of conference participants that an existing system would allow.

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