Automated Parameter Selection Algorithm for Predictive-Hashing based Multicast Authentication Protocol

S. Choi (USA)


authentication, multicast, optimization, denial of service,protocol


A new multicast authentication scheme resistant to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks was proposed in [10, 11] with less resource usages (CPU and buffer) at receivers. A new predictive hashing (PH) and one-way key chain (OKC) techniques are used along with erasure and distillation codes. However, to apply this scheme at system design time, it is necessary to select system parameters such as block period, packet size, redundancy level for erasure codes, and etc., to satisfy security constraint [10], maximum resource usage constraints at the receivers, and quality-of-service (QoS) requirements upon end-to-end delays and level of resistance to Denial of-Service (DoS) attacks. For this purpose, more accurate resource requirement analysis is carried out in this paper by developing parameterized resource usage functions for different components of the predictive-hashing based scheme. Then, we formulate the problem as a nonlinear optimization problem and show how they may be solved to choose proper system parameter values maximizing a given objective function.

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