A Hybrid Approach for Providing Quality of Service in Video-on-Demand System

D.N. Sujatha, K. Girish, N. Sunil Kumar, K.R. Venugopal, and L.M. Patnaik (India)


Video-on-Demand (VoD), Quality of Service, Blocking ratio, Startup delay, Jitter.


Distributed multimedia applications deployed in a hetero geneous environment must ensure that the user experiences seamless delivery of data. The challenging task in mul timedia applications is to satisfy numerous requests for different videos with limited resources by invoking various Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms and policies. In this paper, a hybrid QoS strategy, which is a combination of batching and recursive patching is implemented in the local server to ensure starvation-free resource management thereby enhancing the throughput. Batching shares net work resources efficiently whereas recursive patching is adopted to reduce the time difference between the requests. The proposed algorithm delivers the complete video to the users based on one of the three communication channels: broadcast, multicast and unicast depending on whether the video is most popular, average popular and least popular respectively. The simulation results show that our strategy achieves 35% - 40% reduction in terms of blocking ratio and throughput is 10% - 15% higher than the Poon’s strategy [16], which guarantees that not only the resources are efficiently utilized but also a suitable Quality of Service is provided to each user.

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