Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices: Impacts from Applied Project Supervision

W. Grillitsch, A. Müller-Stingl, and R. Neumann (Austria)


Knowledge Management (KM), Process Improvement, Project Supervision Meetings, Knowledge-oriented Diagnosis, Transformability


The aim of the paper is to highlight the importance of an intelligent approach to knowledge within organisations and shows how knowledge can be managed. In this regard we explain why Knowledge Management should be understood as “management for knowledge” instead of “management of knowledge” to ensure innovation and organisational learning, in other words to ensure ongoing “transformability". Therefore skills have to be developed in each single unit of the organisation. The generation of “Best Practices” and “Lessons Learned”, e.g. in project supervision meetings, helps participants to find solutions for problems and barriers of past or current projects. The participants examine and document typical obstacles and success criteria for smooth project workflows. The article introduces a field-tested concept for these supervision meetings and a diagnosis instrument to provide a holistic organisational view. In the last part of the article the concepts are applied in a case study to demonstrate their practicability.

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