An Integrated and Systematic Approach for Marketing Intelligence

F.L. Li, C.F. Cheung, W.B. Lee, and S.K. Kwok (PRC)


Knowledge Management, Marketing Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, Intelligent Agents, Information and Knowledge Acquisition, Complex Network


Due to large business opportunities in mainland China as well as the prestigious location of Hong Kong, many companies are tending to develop their business rapidly. Meanwhile, the situation of knowledge and information explosion provides abundant assets and supports for decision making of organizational marketing aspect. As a result, more and more Hong Kong companies are developing marketing intelligence system for managing such marketing resources aiming at enhancing their competitiveness. However, many companies usually use different kinds of systems at the same time without systematic integration. It may cause the diminution of efficiency and reliability of systems. In this paper, an integrated and systematic (IS) approach has been proposed for building marketing intelligence system which is composed of three separated sub-systems. They are responsible for acquiring, clustering, managing and disseminating marketing resources for all organizational levels in the company. A prototype marketing intelligence system (MIS) has been built and trial implemented in a selected trading company in Hong Kong.

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