Isolated Syllable Recognition on Mobile Terminal Devices based on Akamatsu Transform

Y. Takenaka, S. Karungaru, M. Fukumi, and N. Akamatsu (Japan)


Speech recognition, isolated syllable, Japanese vowels, fundamental period and Akamatsu transform


The aim of this work is the establishment of isolated syllable recognition for Japanese language on mobile terminal devices and/or the retry after the failure in speech recognition. The subjects in this study are five Japanese vowels. The experiment was carried out on 100 sets of five Japanese vowels from four men. The experiment for recognition was carried out using the Akamatsu transform. The experiment demonstrated the effectiveness of the proposed technique for recognizing the isolated 100 sets. This paper serves as an introduction on the use of the Akamatsu transform in speech recognition and does not, as yet, compare the results with existing methods.

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