Optical Discontinuous Fringe Metrology by using a Genetic Algorithm

F.J. Cuevas, N. Alcalá, L.E. Toledo, and J.H. Sossa-Azuela (Mexico)


Optical testing, Fringe analysis, Genetic Algorithms, Interferometry, Oblique incidence interferometer


We present the use of a Genetic Algorithm (GA) for optical fringe metrology application. In this case, the physical property being measured is coded in a fringe image or interferogram. In some applications, discontinuous fringe images are detected due to experimental conditions. Then, conventional metrology methods such as Fourier or phase tracker can not be applied when fringe data are lost. A GA is applied to fit a low degree polynomial to the physical measurement field coded in the fringe image. Results from a computer simulated fringe image and a real interferogram coming from a grazing incidence interferometer are presented. These images contain discontinuous fringe patterns and are successfully decoded.

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