Evolutionary Circuit Design in REPOMO - Reconfigurable Polymorphic Module

R. Ruzicka and L. Sekanina (Czech Republic)


Evolvable HW, Evolutionary Methods, Biologically In spired Circuits and Systems, Polymorphic Electronics


Polymorphic digital circuits are circuits composed of poly morphic (multifunctional) as well as ordinary gates. In addition to its standard logic function (such as NAND), a polymorphic gate exhibits another logic function (such as NOR) which is activated under a specific condition, for ex ample, when Vdd, temperature or illumination reaches a certain level. This paper describes a new REconfigurable POlymorphic MOdule (REPOMO). REPOMO is a four input/output module consisting of polymorphic and stan dard gates whose interconnection is reconfigurable. It in tegrates logic as well as sensing function via polymorphic gates. REPOMO is intended to serve as a building block for the development of new complex polymorphic circuits and for evaluation of polymorphic circuits in real environ ments. As no conventional methods are available for the design of polymorphic circuits, initial experiments with the evolutionary design of polymorphic circuits are reported in this paper.

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