Partial Global Hybrid Web Services Composition

H. Lu (Australia)


Web Service, Multi-Agent Systems, Service Composition, Ontology


Finding a right service provider is not an easy task on the fast growing World Wide Web, sometimes it is even im possible. Service composition is necessary and inevitable. Automatic service composition takes the insights of differ ent services, and provides a new angle for users to exploit them. Composing a Web service from existing ones is an effective method to fill this gap. In this paper, a hybrid Web services composition approach is proposed based on partial global service registry architecture, an extension of UDDI. This method combines semantic Web service matching and ranking with composition. It offers a complete solution for the connection problem that is finding the right provider, or providers, to serve your service request in an open dy namic changing environment of the World Wide Web. The proposed approach takes into account of the semantics of Web services based on domain ontologies

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